Getting Started as a New Student

Congratulations on becoming a Stritch Student! Once you complete the steps to activate your account, you will have access to Stritch Resources including Wolfmail, MyStritch, University computers, Canvas, and more. 


STEP ONE: Activate your Account 

If you previously used an ID Number to log in to MyStritch to complete the admissions process, you will now need to use your new User Name to log in. 

Your User Name and temporary password can be found in the account information letter sent to your mailing address. Your User Name identifies you in the Cardinal Stritch University system and permits access to, Wolfmail, and access to all of the technology resources located on campus.

Please visit to complete your account setup. 

  • Click on the box “I Know My Username”
  • Click on the box “I Know My Password”
  • Type in your Username and temporary password shown in your account information letter and click “Continue”
  • Follow prompts to setup your security questions
  • Provide a secure new personal password and complete the process

STEP TWO: Discounted Software (for your Personal Computer)

We have joined with JourneyEd to provide our faculty, staff, and students software at educational discounts. On campus we maintain all of the software in the computer labs, classrooms, and with our team. Thousands of other products are available from Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Corel and more. Microsoft software (including Windows10) start as low as $9.95 for students and educators.

STEP THREE: Check your WolfMail Account

Wolfmail accounts are hosted by Google© and accounts are created by and affiliated with Cardinal Stritch University branding. Wolfmail is the official method of University communication with our students. You are responsible for correspondence received at your Wolfmail address. We suggest that you monitor this account regularly.

  • Access your account:
  • Sample Mailing Address:

STEP FOUR: Visit MyStritch

Once you have completed the steps to activate your account, you can login to the MyStritch portal.  MyStritch is a web based student information portal where you can access and manage your student information using a web browser. Students can view their course schedule, view grades, print an unofficial transcript, register for courses, etc.   You will use your Stritch User Name to login to the

STEP FIVE: Sign up for Stritch University Alerts

Stritch subscribes to e2campus, a notification system that  alerts registered users via text messaging and e-mail. All students, faculty, and staff are asked to register with this service. In the event of an emergency requiring quick communication, this system will be utilized to provide users with important information such as evacuation, closings, sheltering in place, etc. 

  • Log in to My Stritch at   
  • Click on “Stritch Resources” on the top navigation. 
  • Click on for “Emergency Notifications” on the left side of the screen.
  • Follow the instructions as prompted on the screen. Please be aware that the password you choose may differ from your current My Stritch password. The emergency notification system is separate from My Stritch.
  • After you receive and enter your verification code, you will be asked to supply an e-mail address. Please remember to do so.

STEP SIX: CANVAS - Stritch’s Learning Management System

Canvas is the newest and most internet and user friendly Learning Management System available.  In general a learning management system (or LMS) is a web platform designed for supporting courses for students and faculty and can and will be used at Stritch for courses being delivered in all formats including face-to-face classroom experiences.  While no system is perfect Canvas has been rated as one of the easiest to use, and most feature rich.
Getting Connected: User account are automatically created for all Stritch students, but this tool will only become useful to you when courses that you have officially enrolled in are assigned in Canvas.  

You have been enrolled in a free course titled Canvas Student Orientation.  The course contains videos and tutorials on how to use Canvas. 

  • View directions on how to locate the Canvas Student Orientation.
  • You must be logged into Canvas to see the Canvas Student Orientation.
  • The Canvas Student Orientation is self-paced and includes module checkpoint quizzes so you may check your Canvas knowledge. 
  • You will have access to this orientation the entire time you are a student at Cardinal Stritch. 
  • As new features are updated in Canvas, the Canvas Student Orientation content will be updated with links and tutorials explaining the new functionality.

If you have any questions about any of these processes please contact the Technology Help Desk or give us a call (414) 410-4600.