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Cardinal Stritch University is rooted in the liberal arts tradition, transforming lives and communities through servant leadership, learning, and service. We are guided by the Catholic, Franciscan values of creating a caring community, peacemaking, showing compassion, and reverencing creation as we embrace and cultivate the diversity of all of God’s creation.

Students with diverse faith and cultural backgrounds are invited to embrace and live our core Franciscan values of creating a caring community, showing compassion, reverencing creation and making peace. With more than 34,000 alumni, our graduates are known for their roles at nonprofits, schools, small companies, health care organizations, corporations, and entrepreneurial ventures. Through education, academic support, mentoring, and career opportunities, we help students find their mission in life.

From your very first day, we’ll help you discover your true aspirations and guide you to success. Focusing on why you’re here and connecting to a greater purpose, you’ll create meaningful connections that will enhance your life far beyond the confines of the classroom. Choosing to earn your master’s degree at Stritch, you’ll see that we make it our mission to help you find yours.

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Master's Programs at Stritch

Are you seeking a career change? Want to advance in your profession? Our graduate programs can help. Today, employers are looking for specialists—those with specialized knowledge and skill-sets. Earning a master’s degree gives you an enormous advantage in the job market and makes you more attractive to future employers.

Earning a master's degree can also help you advance in your company and field. In 2013, median annual income for those with a master’s degree was $68,000, vs. $56,000 for those with only a bachelor’s degree. As you can see, a graduate education can be a great investment.

Earning a master’s degree also can be a way to learn comprehensively about subjects you're passionate about and to enrich yourself personally.

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More Than A Master's

What is your mission? At Stritch, we help you find it—through education, academic support, mentoring, and career opportunities. Whether you seek a career change, personal enrichment, or advancement in your present career, at Stritch we’ll offer you something more than a master’s. Our faculty and graduate programs will challenge you to identify and live out your life’s mission.