Office of Student Life

Built on the foundation of showing compassion and creating a caring community, the Office of Student Life promotes the holistic development of our diverse student body through co-curricular experiences and services that foster well-being, transformation, and self-actualization.

What We Do

The Office of Student Life is a great place to start if you are looking to get involved on campus. We’re here to help make your Stritch experience the best possible. Whether you’re looking for an event to attend, a student organization to learn a leadership skill, or to broaden your understanding of the world, our staff can help you deepen your involvement in the Stritch community.

Student Resources

Cardinal Stritch University Student Handbook
The Student Handbook is published at the start of each fall semester. While its primary intent is to provide important information for traditional undergraduate students, it serves as a valuable resource for all students regarding University services and policies.

Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing and Health Sciences Student Handbook
The Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing and Health Sciences Student Handbook is supplemental to the University Student Handbook and provides specific information and policies relevant to students in CONHS programs.

Student Leadership and Service Awards

Stritch students are amazing!  They are exceptional in the classroom, involved on campus, leaders in their community, committed to service, and transforming the world! These students truly deserve our recognition and celebration! As an institution we do this by awarding both college and University awards that recognize student contributions, and then we celebrate these achievements at the annual Student Leadership and Service Celebration.

The Stritch Student Affairs Committee invites you to take a moment to nominate a deserving student for one of the awards below, which recognize such student excellence, leadership and service.  The committee seeks nominations from faculty, staff and students for the student awards listed below.  All nominations are due by Friday, March 1, 2019.

Diversity and Inclusion Award
This award is designed to recognize and encourage a commitment to diversity issues, including efforts to create an inclusive, accepting community in one’s workplace, campus and/or the community at large.  Eligible students have been enrolled at Stritch, at any degree level, have a record of academic achievement, who display exemplary personal leadership in the area of diversity and inclusion and have demonstrated personal support and appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness in their personal life.  To nominate a deserving student for the Diversity and Inclusion Award please click here.

Pace Bene Award
This award, sponsored by Mission Integration, recognizes a graduating senior in the traditional undergraduate program, who, by their everyday words and actions, recognizes the goodness and dignity of every human person no matter how “rugged” or different.  Eligible students will have graduated in December 2018 or will in May or August of 2019, who incorporate the mission of the University into their personal, spiritual and faith life, who also actively express their faith in daily life, who recognize the goodness in others and display this in how they approach people, and who contributed to the spiritual or faith life on campus while enrolled.  To nominate a deserving student for the Pace Bene Award, please click here.

Samuel Cardinal Stritch Outstanding Traditional Undergraduate Award
This award is bestowed on one or more graduating seniors enrolled in traditional undergraduate programs who have a history of exceptional service that reflects Franciscan values, as well as an outstanding record of leadership at Cardinal Stritch University and/or in the community. Eligible students will have graduated in December 2018 or will in May or August of 2019 with a record of academic achievement (3.0 GPA or higher) who evidence service and leadership reflecting Franciscan values at Stritch and/or in the community.  To nominate a deserving student for the Samuel Cardinal Stritch Award, please click here.

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