Pace Bene Traditional Undergraduate Student Award

To recognize students whose words and actions exemplify the mission of the University

In 1209 Francis of Assisi passed through the village of Poggio Bustone in the Rieti Valley.  The area was rugged and remote, as were the people.  The villagers were very curious to see who this seemingly strange person was.  With a smile on his face, he gave them the simple greeting of “Buon Giorno, buono genti,” which translated, is “Good morning, good people.”  One person responded that no one had ever called them good.  With a few simple words, Francis melted away their rugged exterior. The recipient of this award is a person who, through his or her everyday words and actions, recognizes the goodness and dignity of every human person, no matter how “rugged” or different.
The award is selected on the basis of the following criteria (will be verified by the Student Affairs Committee as part of the selection process):

  • A student who graduated in December 2018 or will graduate in May or August 2019.
  • A student who incorporates the mission of the University into his/her personal, spiritual and faith life.
  • A student who actively expresses their faith in daily life.
  • A student who recognizes the goodness in others and display this in how they approach people.
  • A student who contributed to the spiritual or faith life on campus while enrolled.
Deadline:  All nominations must be received by Friday, March 1, 2019

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