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Welcome to The Stritch Hub for Innovation and Community Engaged Learning where we bring together dynamic approaches to education in one synergistic, mission-driven whole. In The Stritch Hub, we launch and grow innovative ideas, programs, and services that strengthen the social and economic fabric of the greater Milwaukee community and beyond. We pride ourselves on being "disruptive" in the very best sense of the word – creating pathways for community members and partners to transform and strengthen their ability to be purposeful, business savvy, and aligned with the greater good.


As you explore this site, you will see our efforts to change the status quo and make meaningful impacts in the lives of individuals and organizations. 

  • Hear from our rock star team of professionals as they describe the substance of their work and the reason why they're so committed to their causes.
  • Learn about Stritch’s legacy of innovation in research-based life-changing programs like our Literacy Centers and the African American Leadership Program. See our new and emerging programs like the Mission Fuel Nonprofit Leader Accelerator and the Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership. 
  • Check out our high-profile, very cool initiatives like the the Mission-Driven Leaders Speaker Series featuring prominent Stritch alumni who align their values and actions and about our partnership with Project Pitch It television show for Wisconsin entrepreneurs.
  • Apply for a program, share links on your social media platforms and attend our events. 



The HUB includes:

African American Leadership Program

The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership

Experiential Learning and Career Education

Literacy Centers

Mission-Driven Leaders Series

Mission Fuel

Project Pitch It TV Show

About Our Programs

The African American Leadership Program is a nine month program using action learning, coaching, and networking to strengthen the leadership growth of Black professionals in private, public, and nonprofit organizations.

The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership strives to help law enforcement professionals meet the challenges of 21st century policing through research and development of innovative leadership programs.

The Experiential Learning and Career Education (ELCE) office supports students and alumni as they navigate their career development process. We also work with employers, providing a strong workforce to ensure organizational success and fostering a healthy and vibrant local, statewide, national, and global economy.

The Literacy Centers offer comprehensive reading/literacy and math assessment and tutoring services for students in grades K-12.

The Mission-Driven Leaders Series features successful Cardinal Stritch University alumni who align their values with actions to achieve positive results for themselves, their organizations and businesses, and the society at large.

Mission Fuel applies a business accelerator model to assist nonprofit leadership teams with developing and implementing strategies to diversify revenue streams, become more entrepreneurial, and ultimately realize a more stable and self-sustainable future.

The Project Pitch It TV Show features local entrepreneurs getting the chance to pitch their innovative new ideas to a panel of local business moguls.

Meet the Hub Lead Faculty and Staff